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Maintenance and Repair at a Reduced Cost

When IT systems and equipment experience a failure, companies need quick repairs in order to keep production flowing smoothly. You can rely on us to provide the IT maintenance and repair you need to reduce lost production time should a system failure occur. With us, you have access to fully trained IT technicians with the capacity to handle both new and used equipment, so that your system receives the care it deserves.

Planning relocation: Everyone is a stakeholder

Many data centers have yet to reach physical capacity before the supporting environmental systems reach maximum capacity. This reality is usually the basis for a facilities-driven need to relocate and often to the surprise of the IT department. Because of the delicate nature of the service provider relationship that IT has with both the facilities, department and the business, a successful relocation project must have stakeholder representation from each of these three areas within the organization

IT Disaster Recovery That You Can Afford

When your business runs on a single IT infrastructure, your entire system is vulnerable to lost production and heavy costs should a failure occur. During the time it takes to inspect, repair or replace the system, your company could be down thousands of dollars due to inactivity and lost work. The solution is to have a duplicate IT infrastructure, yet most companies can only afford one. Partnering with us allows for IT disaster recovery preparation at affordable costs, as we use quality pre-owned equipment and parts to rebuild systems into more powerful infrastructures.

Cut Costs with Infrastructure Consolidation

The technology industry is constantly evolving, with each improved system more powerful than the next. Infrastructure consolidation is not only crucial to remaining up-to-date in regard to equipment capacity and power, but with server consolidation, IT departments can cut the costs associated with managing multiple, less powerful servers. We provides pre-owned IT equipment and parts that have been tested and rebuilt to last, so that you can consolidate your infrastructure and upgrade your system at a fraction of the cost of new, adding another affordable solution to your IT and business strategy.

Cloud / High Performance Computing professional services

As newer-generation IT systems and parts are constantly being introduced to the market, it is nearly impossible to continually purchase complete upgrades without breaking the bank. Renting computer equipment with Examedia Solutions allows you to save money for short term projects and needs while still providing your customers with the advanced levels of service that they have come to expect. Whether you are interested in storage, networking or server rental, we have the solution that will save you money.

Enhancing your security with Network Forensic

Many organizations have grown to the scale that identifying which endpoints to examine would be a significant challenge and the network has become its own medium for incident response and investigation. Network forensic and investigation analysis minimize impact of the network attacks. When attacked, the system needs to be able to rapidly investigate and determine the scope and impact of the incident so they can effectively contain the threat and re-secure their network.

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