For more than five years, Facility Engineering has blazed a trail of total solution in Data Centre Infra setup. Starting in the 2011 with computer room cooling system support and maintenance, we brought each nextgeneration technology to our clients as soon as it became viable. Meeting each market change with confidence and professionalism, our team continues to supply the reliable infrastructure solutions that empower end users to compete successfully in nationwide arena.

Facility Engineering has grown with the rapid development of building facility and Infra automation, becoming one of Malaysian leaders in computerized engineering. Our strength includes expertise in effective application and optimization of innovative engineering software, supported by name-brand components, producing high-quality modular solutions.

The clients serviced by Facility Engineering Division include almost every M&E industry and latest in Civil Works platform. Our proficiency is in the supply of fully advanced solutions in building management, data centre, traffic management, scada and tools for monitoring processes, providing unprecedented control for all industrial environments. All this makes Facility Engineering a preferred source of end-to-end solutions for even the most challenging ICT and M&E industry.

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